Monday, December 28, 2009

Facebook Grouch

Over the last few weeks I have been SICK of Facebook. For a while I logged on every chance I got to get everyone's updates. There are some people that update their status several times a day, some that do once a day, some only once a week. A lot of which are superficial or negative. Here's the deal, the people I never see or hang out with are the one's that update their status all the freakin time. Why do I care what they are doing!! I don't! I'm sick of reading about their life and I might never see them again ever.

Yesterday, I went through my friends and made a "block list". A list of people I never care to see their updates and they will not be able to read my updates.

I feel a little bitter about the situation and maybe I should just not get on Facebook so much, would that solve the problem? I didn't have much to read when I logged on this morning? And even started wondering what so and so that I never talk to is doing today :)

Life is too short, I need to spend less time on Facebook and more time with God.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight I am gonna keep it short and sweet, I'll save the good stuff for the "book". If your not family, I can explain. We have a journal and every year everyone that comes to Thanksgiving Dinner is forced, I mean required to write in it. I think it started when I was in high school maybe before. It's so much fun to look back over the years of who came, who didn't, who said what, etc. It shows the different places in our lives we were at each year.

This year I am thankful for:
1. My God and Saviour. He choose me before time and everyday I do not deserve His love. Because of Him I get to look forward to the best gift of all, eternal life!!

2. My Husband. He's my love, my best friend, my protector, my provider, my babies daddy, he's everything.

3. My Kids. Owen and Jenna are the best things in the world. If you don't have kids you are missing out on the best love of all!

4. My Family. ALL of them, KY and CO! I have so many people that love me that I am so lucky. Most families now a days are broken. My family has tons of people and we are all close. I am so lucky.

5. Growing up in a Christian household. Sometimes I sit and think about how God picked me to grow up surrounded by His Word. I have to stop sometimes because it drives me nuts. I think it's like I won the lottery before I was even born. God has blessed my family so much.

6. Our Health!

7. My Church. My friends.

8. Rob and I having jobs and being able to pay all our bills :)

9. Computers, internet, cell phone...

10. All the good food...I'm gonna eat like it's the last Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peeling Apples

I'm so over peeling apples! My kids want them every day without the peel, cut up. Over the last year I probably average peeling 4 apples a week. That's over 200 a year! If I continue this for the next 10 years, I'm looking at over 2,000 apples, arg!

I won't buy the "processed, dipped in chlorine" apples that are pre-cut either. I've also heard bad things about the pampered chef peeler. Any suggestions??

Monday, November 16, 2009


My kids are addicts! I work on Mondays/Wednesdays and Nana the babysitter does not allow bops or blankies. About a month ago Owen and Jenna decided that they would take the blankies/bops in the car and I could take them to work with me. At pick up time they race to the car, open the door and scream BLANKIE! As soon as we get in it's silence. At home, I have to drag them out of the car because they are focused on blankie. When we get in the house they walk around like zombies holding blankie, sucking thumbs and bops! It's ridiculous, and it's a drug to them!

As I'm writing they are sitting on the couch laying in silence with their drug of choice!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rob's Famous last words

I have to post this because I can't stop thinking about it! Rob has said this phrase more than once (understatement)!

Wednesday morning I got home about 6:10 a.m. (yes a.m.) from teaching Jazzercise. Rob is waiting on me to walk in the door so he can go to work. As he passes, he give me a kiss and here it is, he says... "Jenna's awake and I didn't do it"!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jenna's 1st punishment!

Okay, so I feel really bad but I have to document this. Jenna has this "I know I can get you to do whatever I want" smile. At first I thought this was so cute, then I shrugged it off, now I just glare at her. She does this to everyone! If you say no, she turns her head and smiles real big, it's not a "sneaky, mischievous" smile either, it's a "But I'm so cute and I love you" smile. Today I had seen it enough! She's also decided that she wants to live on waffles and cheese. At dinner when she wouldn't eat, she was whining, crying and screaming at me, I picked her up and went and put her in her crib. No blanky or bop! She was so surprised when I shut the door!

About 5 minutes of crying I went in her room, I even stopped to get a kleenex and wipe her off. Her face was DRY!! She was just in there doing a fake, I don't like this one bit cry!

So, is 18 months to young to do a "time out"? After her punishment, she sat on my lap and ate her chicken pot pie (okay, some of it)!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a life update!

It's been forever since my last post, I never have the time and when I do I'm too tired and ready for bed. The kids keep me moving constantly. Jenna has now become a "tornado through the house toddler" and I started remembering Owen doing all the things she is. It's funny and a blessing how God clears our memory of the bad days.

I have something new to tell my mom about Jenna everyday and I'm always so excited to tell her. Like: she learned how to twirl in a circle and get dizzy today, she can't stop making messes, she can't stop eating cheese, she pretend talks on the phone and pretends reading random papers. She had a couple 1st times this weekend: Her first car wash (see pic), and her first time at Petsmart. She never moved during the car wash she just sat there eyes wide. In Petsmart she ran around the whole time talking and petting animals. Everyone in the store thought she was so cute. She wouldn't stop, one sentence out of her mouth was "puppies, kitties, bunnnies, meow, puppies, fishes, puppies, laugh, kitties, meow, laugh" I'm laughing thinking about it.

Owen loves being a big brother, the upside to all the messes around the house is that her and Owen play together. They go in his room, he helps her on the bed and they just talk and play up there while I clean the house. Everytime we eat at the table he wants to sit by her, in the mornings he goes in her room and sings the Good Morning song to her. He's still my baby though. He's the best cuddler and randomly tells me that he loves me, he makes me feel so special and important!!

So my post was not gonna be about the kids at all :) Maybe later I'll write what I was gonna write! Gotta go Jazzercise!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can't believe it's July!

Is Bible school and vacation already over?? I can't believe it! For now we are still singing Bible school songs every where we go and are pretty tan from vacation. Hopefully it won't fade out too fast :)

I have to say that Bible school was a little more hectic (not stressful), than vacation was. I was in the 1-2 year old class and every one of them were attached to their mommies. So our time was mostly spent averting them from screaming at us, lol. The best time was when we brought out the cookies and juice, me and Rebecca and Wendy got to chat for a while and just chill! The kids did pick up on a few Bible facts during the week like "Lazarus got tied up..." -Vincent Whalen He was referring to when Lazarus died, the picture in the book had him wrapped like a mummy. They also learned Zacheus was little and liked to climb trees! It's amazing to watch a child slowly learn God's word. They can only take little bites of it at a time.

Vacation was so much fun and I loved just hanging out at the pool and beach with the kids. By Friday they LOVED the sand and ocean so much. It was a little crazy for mommy every now and then but I handled it okay thanks to mom and the other girls that helped, Thanks you all! I got to relax a little one morning when mom stayed in the room during nap time and I went swimming with Owen. Besides that I relaxed at night after their bedtime (which is what I do at home :)! Not complaining though, it was wonderful. Can't wait for next year, Rob is going to spend more time there with us.

Things are back to crazy normal! Hopefully, I can loose some of the weight I gained at Folly Beach!

Thanks for the trip Mom and Dad! We missed you Rob and are so glad to be at our HOME with you again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sad and Excited.

Vacation is almost here and I'm not dreading it yet. I think I'll be able to handle the kids "okay" without Rob around for over a week. We'll see. I've been praying for extra patience and gentleness. I'm trying to get Jenna used to the pool and she's not sure she likes it. She just looks too cute in her suit though. Owen was timid at first but after an hour or so he is all over the pool, deep end and all. I wish that Rob could be with us to see the look on the kids faces the first time they see the ocean. I'm going to try and get it on video for him. He's going to be so lonely without us and visa versa.

The real reason for my post is because I'm so sad right now. Thinking about how my bff Melissa is leaving me and moving to Louisville. I know we'll always keep in touch and hang out often but it won't be the same. You take for granted people that are always there for you. She has been and will always be a special person to me and I'm going to miss her so much. It's really starting to sink in. With her leaving is also Ashley!!! Ashley's moving to NC! GNO will never be the same. Ashley always has a smile on her face and ALWAYS makes me laugh. I love both of you girls.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Trip to Denver

We survived! The last leg home got pretty intense but all in all; the ride to Louisville, plane to Chicago, plane to Denver and back again wasn't that bad. Okay, it was kinda stressful but what do you expect! We had 3 huge suitcases, 3 carry on's, food, diapers, wipes, milk, 2 blankies, 3 passy's, toys, dvd player, sit n stand stroller, jackets for everyone.

We had a few major issues:

1-3. the lady across the isle passed out and everyone congregated around us for about 30 minutes, at the same time this is going on Owen stuck my itouch in his soda! After everything calmed down, Jenna's sippy cup exploded all over the foreign lady sitting in front of us. Then a while later something starting dripping on me and the milk had exploded all over the ceiling too!

4-6. Plane was delayed, got on the plane, got off the plane, walked across the airport, plane was delayed again, got on the plane! Then Owen spilt his soda everywhere! We made it home shortly after that :)

The stay at Grandma's was great however. We miss everyone so much and wish we could be there everyday to hug and kiss them. The kids love them so much! We took them to Heritage Square and the Children's Museum. Amee took me to Zumba which we walked out of and went spinning! The food was awesome too!

Jenna Update: When they are this small something new happens all the time. She says "aww oh" when something happens and if you say "Jenna, do you need a diaper change?" she shakes her head side to side! Walks everywhere and loves to be the center of attention.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jenna Bug, Jenna Boo

My baby girl is walking! She has decided this weekend that crawling is over-rated and is walking everywhere. I've already caught her several times on her tippy toes beside some night stand or end table getting into something. Yesterday I was putting my make-up on when Owen yells "Jenna's got your rings!" She was about to eat my wedding band! We are going to have trouble on our hands.

She is my baby girl and I'm so sad she is walking and pulling on my clothes! I will never be prepared for these growing milestones, I think I'll always be shocked, excited and sad.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

It has been a great Mother's Day for me. When asked several weeks ago, I told Rob all I wanted was the Twilight DVD. So, if you know me...that wasn't true! It's been a "Sarah" weekend 24/7! Friday Nana, the sitter made all the moms brunch and gave us a gift to take home. Saturday I taught Jazzy, then went to Laura Camic's baby shower and had a blast hanging out with the girls. KK came over as soon as I got home so Rob could take me out to eat and shop! It was so nice. Sunday they let me sleep till 8:30 am then woke me up with breakfast and flowers, closed the door and let me eat and check my email alone! Rob cleaned up the whole kitchen, then went to church with us and took me out to eat again at Jalapeno's.

I tried to talk Rob into doing the "let me sleep in and him cook breakfast" every Sunday. We compromised and are going to take turns!! Hooray, a win for me!!

The kids are awesome! Owen kept saying it's "mommy's day" which he thought it meant my birthday and keeps wondering about the cake. Jenna has been in a great mood all day. She is really starting to get into reading books and she thinks so hard when looking through them. She's been walking a lot more this past weekend and will probably be a full blast walker in a few days.

It's been such a "me" weekend that I've really forgotten about my own mom which didn't want anything for Mother's day. I love you, I love you, I love you Mom! You are the greatest mom and best friend ever!!

Rob and I also discussed starting to give Owen chores! Not sure what chore or what compensation/prize...I'll blog about that later. I'm sure if Grandma is reading this she will probably give us an ear full later :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Vacations are coming!

Denver in 3 weeks and Folly Beach in 7. It seems like every vacation I've had since our wedding in the Bahama's I've been pregnant, sick, with a baby, etc. This year I've still got my baby's but can't wait to travel with them again (even if my family doesn't want us in the same car!) I don't care if I don't get to lay in the sun all day or take naps on the beach, I want to do whatever my kids want to do, (most all of the time anyway) and I'll be happy about it. Owen talks about going to the beach and Colorado everyday! They are the greatest little things ever!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Love for K-Love

My days are so busy and I find that my worship has been limited to Sunday/Wednesday church services. I decided to find the only local christian radio station, K-love (I don't know the radio dial) and try it out. Since then driving around town has been totally different. Before it was all talk radio or hip-hop, top 10.

I always have K-love on, I sing along and think about God, my Savior the whole ride. Sometimes I don't even go over my Jazzercise set because I'm too busy thinking about the words to the songs. I am so happy that I have found a small way to fit God, who should be my number 1 into my crazy schedule. And now a month later I can recognize the bands, singers and songs! I have NEVER listened to anything but hymns as worship songs so this is a change but, I enjoy the peaceful ride and feel closer to him. It also make me think about him more and more throughout the day because I'm always in the car! Not bad music you should try it.

Prayer request: I am praying hard for my friend who has to go into major surgery in May. Please pray for her as well! I am heart broken that she has to even go through this and know that God will lead her out safely.

Kids Pictures

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Morning Owen!

I went to wake Owen up a while ago. I absolutely love my kids in the morning they are so huggable and warm! He sits up, looks around and says "Mom, you need to clean my room." (There are pirates on the floor and a pile of clean laundry that needs to be put away) I told him that it was his room so he needs to clean it and he said "Mom, you better clean my room before I get mad" I could not stop cracking up!

A little bit later we went to wake Jenna up and realized that daddy had put her pj's on backwards last night and she looked hilarious!! Probably had to be there but I want to remember these memories forever.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life Changes!

Last year I sold my Jazzercise franchise and decided to just be an Instructor. It doesn't seem very long ago that I was sitting at ABR Construction thinking about quiting my full-time job and taking the plung to being a business owner. It's been very hard to let go. Many times I would talk to Rob and he would try to talk me out of it. My family needed me and I wanted them 24/7! Last weekend at our Jazzercise Conference they recognized me for hitting the Bronze level income for 2008...I was so excited to get a rebate that I didn't realize how sad it would make me feel. I felt as if that door has been closed forever and my life has moved on. My priorities are now: God, Family, Jazzercise :)

I am REALLY enjoying just worrying about teaching the perfect Jazzercise set, hanging out with my family and doing part-time bookkeeping. In the back of my mind I know Rob will support me if I ever want to do it again and that is peace enough.

I was going to just write about how much fun we had playing outside at Mamaw's all day yesterday but decided to go deeper instead!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Football Again??

My love/hate for football started when I meet Rob and coincidentally that's about the time UK Football was getting better. We had the Broncos and UK "games", it was great. We've been together for 9 years and every year I discovered more football comes.

It Started with the draft and don't forget this is all day all weekend. Then came pre-season, we must watch pre-season! Next year it was the Pro-bowl which came with the beginning of Fantasy Sports. Then we had to watch more games than just our 2 teams. In between all these we had UK basketball, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. Monday night football used to be a "no" unless the Broncos were in, now it's a must. Sunday night football later came as a must watch as well. Oh, I can't believe I forgot SportsCenter! We also Tivo NFL Live to watch everyday. Our Tivo is backed up with John Elway's greatest games/moments in anchient history. 4 fantasy teams this year and I thought I already knew when and what to expect with the season. To my surprise I didn't! The "free agency" (started at midnight yesterday) if you haven't heard). We've been tracking every minute of it and frequently refresh the screen to see updates.

All that said, I really love my husband :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I just don't like junk food...

This is probably more of a diary entry than blog but here goes...Last weekend my kids were playing in the den and I was standing at the sink in the kitchen eating a oatmeal cream pie while hiding it from them. If you know me then you know I don't share my food :) I was really disgusted with myself and as I was eating I realized that I just don't like junk food, there is more to my pigging out. For years, I've been saying that my problem was that I just love junk food but really I love all food and eat it all for various reasons. So, today I am going to really start trying to enjoy my food, eat it slow, don't eat out of boredom, and don't eat because I am unhappy with my physical self that day. I even know that when I eat healthy food: I workout harder at Jazzercise, don't get tired after lunch and have a better attitude.

I needed to write this down so that it can be documented!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Blog of '09

So I haven't been updating my blog and since I started a life changing diet (well sort of) I thought I could try to work on posting more.

My Baby boy is 3 years old now he's over half the height of his daddy who is 6'3". It's so much fun to listen and talk to him. He's got so much to say and is truly a little person. He got a John Deer Gator for his birthday or "green jeep" as he calls it. He has decided that mommy can park her jeep on the street because he needs to park in the garage in case it rains! He is still my baby and secretly I want him to be a momma's boy.

Jenna is such a girl, at granny's house the other day she got the toy bin out and threw everything on the floor except the dolls and teddy bears. She's 10 months old now. Her and Owen had a blast at Jr. Jazzercise last weekend and we will be going back every time they have it. Teaching kids to be active and play with others; with great instructors at the price I pay a sitter, can't pass it up! They both fell asleep on the way home.

Rob and I went to Gatti Town for Valentines day although I felt bad at the end I was so excited to get all the tokens, play every game without keeping an eye on kids or having one on my hip. We acted like kids all night and it was so nice to act younger with each other again. I cherish every minute alone I get with him these days.

We have no big plans this weekend and I'm bummed it's going to be so cold. I'm really excited to go to Kerie's house friday for a play date with some girlfriends!!