Monday, December 28, 2009

Facebook Grouch

Over the last few weeks I have been SICK of Facebook. For a while I logged on every chance I got to get everyone's updates. There are some people that update their status several times a day, some that do once a day, some only once a week. A lot of which are superficial or negative. Here's the deal, the people I never see or hang out with are the one's that update their status all the freakin time. Why do I care what they are doing!! I don't! I'm sick of reading about their life and I might never see them again ever.

Yesterday, I went through my friends and made a "block list". A list of people I never care to see their updates and they will not be able to read my updates.

I feel a little bitter about the situation and maybe I should just not get on Facebook so much, would that solve the problem? I didn't have much to read when I logged on this morning? And even started wondering what so and so that I never talk to is doing today :)

Life is too short, I need to spend less time on Facebook and more time with God.