Saturday, February 28, 2009

Football Again??

My love/hate for football started when I meet Rob and coincidentally that's about the time UK Football was getting better. We had the Broncos and UK "games", it was great. We've been together for 9 years and every year I discovered more football comes.

It Started with the draft and don't forget this is all day all weekend. Then came pre-season, we must watch pre-season! Next year it was the Pro-bowl which came with the beginning of Fantasy Sports. Then we had to watch more games than just our 2 teams. In between all these we had UK basketball, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. Monday night football used to be a "no" unless the Broncos were in, now it's a must. Sunday night football later came as a must watch as well. Oh, I can't believe I forgot SportsCenter! We also Tivo NFL Live to watch everyday. Our Tivo is backed up with John Elway's greatest games/moments in anchient history. 4 fantasy teams this year and I thought I already knew when and what to expect with the season. To my surprise I didn't! The "free agency" (started at midnight yesterday) if you haven't heard). We've been tracking every minute of it and frequently refresh the screen to see updates.

All that said, I really love my husband :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I just don't like junk food...

This is probably more of a diary entry than blog but here goes...Last weekend my kids were playing in the den and I was standing at the sink in the kitchen eating a oatmeal cream pie while hiding it from them. If you know me then you know I don't share my food :) I was really disgusted with myself and as I was eating I realized that I just don't like junk food, there is more to my pigging out. For years, I've been saying that my problem was that I just love junk food but really I love all food and eat it all for various reasons. So, today I am going to really start trying to enjoy my food, eat it slow, don't eat out of boredom, and don't eat because I am unhappy with my physical self that day. I even know that when I eat healthy food: I workout harder at Jazzercise, don't get tired after lunch and have a better attitude.

I needed to write this down so that it can be documented!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Blog of '09

So I haven't been updating my blog and since I started a life changing diet (well sort of) I thought I could try to work on posting more.

My Baby boy is 3 years old now he's over half the height of his daddy who is 6'3". It's so much fun to listen and talk to him. He's got so much to say and is truly a little person. He got a John Deer Gator for his birthday or "green jeep" as he calls it. He has decided that mommy can park her jeep on the street because he needs to park in the garage in case it rains! He is still my baby and secretly I want him to be a momma's boy.

Jenna is such a girl, at granny's house the other day she got the toy bin out and threw everything on the floor except the dolls and teddy bears. She's 10 months old now. Her and Owen had a blast at Jr. Jazzercise last weekend and we will be going back every time they have it. Teaching kids to be active and play with others; with great instructors at the price I pay a sitter, can't pass it up! They both fell asleep on the way home.

Rob and I went to Gatti Town for Valentines day although I felt bad at the end I was so excited to get all the tokens, play every game without keeping an eye on kids or having one on my hip. We acted like kids all night and it was so nice to act younger with each other again. I cherish every minute alone I get with him these days.

We have no big plans this weekend and I'm bummed it's going to be so cold. I'm really excited to go to Kerie's house friday for a play date with some girlfriends!!