Friday, May 29, 2009

Trip to Denver

We survived! The last leg home got pretty intense but all in all; the ride to Louisville, plane to Chicago, plane to Denver and back again wasn't that bad. Okay, it was kinda stressful but what do you expect! We had 3 huge suitcases, 3 carry on's, food, diapers, wipes, milk, 2 blankies, 3 passy's, toys, dvd player, sit n stand stroller, jackets for everyone.

We had a few major issues:

1-3. the lady across the isle passed out and everyone congregated around us for about 30 minutes, at the same time this is going on Owen stuck my itouch in his soda! After everything calmed down, Jenna's sippy cup exploded all over the foreign lady sitting in front of us. Then a while later something starting dripping on me and the milk had exploded all over the ceiling too!

4-6. Plane was delayed, got on the plane, got off the plane, walked across the airport, plane was delayed again, got on the plane! Then Owen spilt his soda everywhere! We made it home shortly after that :)

The stay at Grandma's was great however. We miss everyone so much and wish we could be there everyday to hug and kiss them. The kids love them so much! We took them to Heritage Square and the Children's Museum. Amee took me to Zumba which we walked out of and went spinning! The food was awesome too!

Jenna Update: When they are this small something new happens all the time. She says "aww oh" when something happens and if you say "Jenna, do you need a diaper change?" she shakes her head side to side! Walks everywhere and loves to be the center of attention.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jenna Bug, Jenna Boo

My baby girl is walking! She has decided this weekend that crawling is over-rated and is walking everywhere. I've already caught her several times on her tippy toes beside some night stand or end table getting into something. Yesterday I was putting my make-up on when Owen yells "Jenna's got your rings!" She was about to eat my wedding band! We are going to have trouble on our hands.

She is my baby girl and I'm so sad she is walking and pulling on my clothes! I will never be prepared for these growing milestones, I think I'll always be shocked, excited and sad.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

It has been a great Mother's Day for me. When asked several weeks ago, I told Rob all I wanted was the Twilight DVD. So, if you know me...that wasn't true! It's been a "Sarah" weekend 24/7! Friday Nana, the sitter made all the moms brunch and gave us a gift to take home. Saturday I taught Jazzy, then went to Laura Camic's baby shower and had a blast hanging out with the girls. KK came over as soon as I got home so Rob could take me out to eat and shop! It was so nice. Sunday they let me sleep till 8:30 am then woke me up with breakfast and flowers, closed the door and let me eat and check my email alone! Rob cleaned up the whole kitchen, then went to church with us and took me out to eat again at Jalapeno's.

I tried to talk Rob into doing the "let me sleep in and him cook breakfast" every Sunday. We compromised and are going to take turns!! Hooray, a win for me!!

The kids are awesome! Owen kept saying it's "mommy's day" which he thought it meant my birthday and keeps wondering about the cake. Jenna has been in a great mood all day. She is really starting to get into reading books and she thinks so hard when looking through them. She's been walking a lot more this past weekend and will probably be a full blast walker in a few days.

It's been such a "me" weekend that I've really forgotten about my own mom which didn't want anything for Mother's day. I love you, I love you, I love you Mom! You are the greatest mom and best friend ever!!

Rob and I also discussed starting to give Owen chores! Not sure what chore or what compensation/prize...I'll blog about that later. I'm sure if Grandma is reading this she will probably give us an ear full later :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Vacations are coming!

Denver in 3 weeks and Folly Beach in 7. It seems like every vacation I've had since our wedding in the Bahama's I've been pregnant, sick, with a baby, etc. This year I've still got my baby's but can't wait to travel with them again (even if my family doesn't want us in the same car!) I don't care if I don't get to lay in the sun all day or take naps on the beach, I want to do whatever my kids want to do, (most all of the time anyway) and I'll be happy about it. Owen talks about going to the beach and Colorado everyday! They are the greatest little things ever!