Friday, September 25, 2009

Rob's Famous last words

I have to post this because I can't stop thinking about it! Rob has said this phrase more than once (understatement)!

Wednesday morning I got home about 6:10 a.m. (yes a.m.) from teaching Jazzercise. Rob is waiting on me to walk in the door so he can go to work. As he passes, he give me a kiss and here it is, he says... "Jenna's awake and I didn't do it"!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jenna's 1st punishment!

Okay, so I feel really bad but I have to document this. Jenna has this "I know I can get you to do whatever I want" smile. At first I thought this was so cute, then I shrugged it off, now I just glare at her. She does this to everyone! If you say no, she turns her head and smiles real big, it's not a "sneaky, mischievous" smile either, it's a "But I'm so cute and I love you" smile. Today I had seen it enough! She's also decided that she wants to live on waffles and cheese. At dinner when she wouldn't eat, she was whining, crying and screaming at me, I picked her up and went and put her in her crib. No blanky or bop! She was so surprised when I shut the door!

About 5 minutes of crying I went in her room, I even stopped to get a kleenex and wipe her off. Her face was DRY!! She was just in there doing a fake, I don't like this one bit cry!

So, is 18 months to young to do a "time out"? After her punishment, she sat on my lap and ate her chicken pot pie (okay, some of it)!!