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Owen and Jenna Update

My blog is a way for me to document my kids so here is an update.

Owen, turned 4 in February and got a spider-man room and bunk beds. He is still a lover boy and and I'm trying to cherish every minute of it. It hurts to think of the day when my baby boy won't want to cuddle with me. I enrolled him in pre-school and although sad, I'm excited for this phase and excited for him as well. He loves to talk and tells me everything. He is very sweet to Jenna and they love to keep each other company.

Jenna, turned 2 in April and got her big girl room. I'll have to post a picture later. She thinks she is tough stuff and you can see in her face how proud she is of her room when she walks in there. She will talk your ear off and has been since she was about a year old. Dr. Wilkes told us she'd grow to be 5'9"!! She loves to let me blow dry her hair. Her room won't fit a rocking chair anymore and every night she used to say "Mommy, rock me 2 minutes?" I really miss that.