Friday, April 10, 2009

Love for K-Love

My days are so busy and I find that my worship has been limited to Sunday/Wednesday church services. I decided to find the only local christian radio station, K-love (I don't know the radio dial) and try it out. Since then driving around town has been totally different. Before it was all talk radio or hip-hop, top 10.

I always have K-love on, I sing along and think about God, my Savior the whole ride. Sometimes I don't even go over my Jazzercise set because I'm too busy thinking about the words to the songs. I am so happy that I have found a small way to fit God, who should be my number 1 into my crazy schedule. And now a month later I can recognize the bands, singers and songs! I have NEVER listened to anything but hymns as worship songs so this is a change but, I enjoy the peaceful ride and feel closer to him. It also make me think about him more and more throughout the day because I'm always in the car! Not bad music you should try it.

Prayer request: I am praying hard for my friend who has to go into major surgery in May. Please pray for her as well! I am heart broken that she has to even go through this and know that God will lead her out safely.

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