Sunday, November 23, 2008

Excited for the week

Jenna slept in this morning and it was nice to not open my eyes till after 7 am. She can move her knees forwards and hands but hasn't gotten them all to work together for the final crawl yet.

I'm very excited for the holidays and I'm done with politics and have moved on to listening to christmas music on the radio. Although Rob has told me many times that the tree doesn't go up till after Thanksgiving I still ask him if we can put it up everyday :) Owen is very excited about his presents, we talked last night about what he wanted and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face, I named a couple of the toys we already bought and he screamed "Yeah!" everytime.

I had turkey at KK's school yesterday, we are having Thanksgiving dinner today after church and I have 2 dinners to go to this Thursday! Total of 4 turkey meals! I feel blessed.

Notes about Owen: I realized just how "boys will ALWAYS be boys" last night. I told Owen to go downstairs and get his tub of blocks and bring them so we could play during the UK game. He went down several times but just couldn't find them. I walked downstairs and in FRONT of all his toys were the tub o' blocks! I just shook my head.

Owen is at Starbucks right now with my mom and she said he thinks he is so tough with his hot chocolate cup, I'm sure he's telling everyone that it's Owen's coffee. Rob and I finally sat down together last week and came up with a punishment plan for Owen. There is now a naughty seat in our living room and he has used it 6 times since Saturday morning. He just started pushing our boundries lately and we are trying to draw the line. There have also been a few spankings too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today is a good day to start a blog

It started with a fight on who would carry the oatmeal from the counter to the table and ended with a "I'm scared" excuse to get out of bed and watch tv. Everything in between went pretty smooth I'd have to say expect for the volume of noise at our house. The best part of the day: When Owen gets Jenna to laugh out loud forever. It amazes me how funny she thinks he is...I used to be the funny one!

Uncle "E" came into town tonight and when he got here Owen got his gun and ran around the corner to shoot him. He thinks Eric is so cool. Jenna gave him a smile and quickly went back to bed.

This is my first blog...My goals on this momentous occasion: I'm not good at keeping, organizing memories and this might help, let our Colorado family that we miss so much feel like the are a part of our everyday life, and the other is to think about my life in words and hopefully it will open the door to better communication with others and personal growth.