Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight I am gonna keep it short and sweet, I'll save the good stuff for the "book". If your not family, I can explain. We have a journal and every year everyone that comes to Thanksgiving Dinner is forced, I mean required to write in it. I think it started when I was in high school maybe before. It's so much fun to look back over the years of who came, who didn't, who said what, etc. It shows the different places in our lives we were at each year.

This year I am thankful for:
1. My God and Saviour. He choose me before time and everyday I do not deserve His love. Because of Him I get to look forward to the best gift of all, eternal life!!

2. My Husband. He's my love, my best friend, my protector, my provider, my babies daddy, he's everything.

3. My Kids. Owen and Jenna are the best things in the world. If you don't have kids you are missing out on the best love of all!

4. My Family. ALL of them, KY and CO! I have so many people that love me that I am so lucky. Most families now a days are broken. My family has tons of people and we are all close. I am so lucky.

5. Growing up in a Christian household. Sometimes I sit and think about how God picked me to grow up surrounded by His Word. I have to stop sometimes because it drives me nuts. I think it's like I won the lottery before I was even born. God has blessed my family so much.

6. Our Health!

7. My Church. My friends.

8. Rob and I having jobs and being able to pay all our bills :)

9. Computers, internet, cell phone...

10. All the good food...I'm gonna eat like it's the last Thanksgiving!

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